Virtual Kids Day 2021 "Magic of Chemistry" Mentos and Soda Demo - Jun. 2021
SAND Number: SAND2021-7168V Authors/Presenters: LaRicoTreadwell; Avi Bregman; Eryal Rhinehart; Patricia Hernandez Caraballa; Alyssa Vallejos Content Owner: Roberta Rivera Asset Content Description: A Mentos in Soda Demo for Kids Day features SNL staff members, LaRico Treadwell, Avi Bregman, Eryal Rhinehart, Patricia Hernandez Caraballa, and Alyssa Vallejos. They demonstrate testing the effects of dunking a Mentos mint into several liters full of different brands of popular soda drinks. Subject Area/Keywords: Virtual Kids Day 2021; STEAM; Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math;, Science for Kids; Mentos Mints; Soda; Diet Coke; Regular Coca Cola; Sunkist Orange Soda; Sprite; AML; Advanced Materials Laboratory POC: Regina Valenzuela 03000 505/844-2328 Import
8551-1 Digital Media Operations
6/21/2021 4:59:49 PM

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