Virtual Kids Day: Measuring Elements with Curtis Mowry - Apr. 2021
SAND Number: SAND2021-4725V Authors/Presenters: Curtis Mowry Content Owner: Roberta Rivera Asset Content Description: We will show you how a laser blast can be used to measure the elements of an object – rock, sand, or bolt; and we’ll explain how NASA is doing the same thing on MARS with it’s rovers Curiosity and Perseverance. Our video will explain the concept of atomic emission and how the technique called Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy is used to determine the elements within an object – on earth or on Mars!. Subject Area/Keywords: Science Experiments; STEAM; Science; Technology; Engineering; Art; Mathematics; laser induced breakdown spectroscopy; LIBS; atomic emission; flame test POC: Regina Valenzuela Import Closed Captioning
8551-1 Digital Media Operations
4/19/2021 8:05:57 PM

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