EHS: Working Well vs. Burning Out - How to Maximize Work Engagement while Moderating Workaholism and Perfectionism - Jun. 2022
SAND Number: SAND2022-8934 V Presenter(s): Dr. Klein Description: Being fully engaged in work makes us happier, healthier, and more productive. However, we are all vulnerable to burnout at some point if we have been under chronic elevated demands in our work environment or if our own workaholic and perfectionistic traits get the best of us! Learn some strategies to enjoy more positive work engagement while stepping back from habitual stress reactions that can be harmful. Keywords: burnout, thrive, work engagement POC: Lisa Teves 03000 505/844-7858 825/Aud Live Record Series: CO-102-205-300 Review Year: 2028
8551-1 Digital Media Operations
6/22/2022 5:30:00 PM

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