Virtual Kids Day: Bioforensics Microscopy Module - Apr. 2021
SAND number: SAND2021-4770V Author/Presenter: Jerilyn Timlin A “Who Done it” activity. The strawberries are making people sick! Uncover the mystery of the contaminated produce with hands-on DNA extraction, separation chemistry, and microscopy. Learn how much DNA is in strawberry, how to separate oils, and what microbes look like under a microscope to uncover culprit and how they contaminated the strawberries. Subject Area/Keywords: Bioforensics; Science Experiment; Strawberry DNA Extraction; Kids Day; Produce contamination; POC: Regina Valenzuela 03000 505-844-2328 Import Closed Captioning
8551-1 Digital Media Operations
4/19/2021 5:33:27 PM

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