The Business of Nanotechnology - Feb. 2012
SAND Number: SAND2011-8639P Presenter(s): Steve Walsh This seminar will cover several topics, including some ideas on the nanotech market size and segmentation, leaders in the field, and where the US is relative to other countries in research and business development. This will include trends in patents, publications and commercialization. The last segment of the talk will be devoted to how entities might embrace this firm, including how they might take advantage of nanotechnology knowledge centers like Sandia National Labs and the NINE partners. Steve will bifurcate firm strategic commercialization efforts into those which support and extend current industry practice or alternatively those which disrupt them and try to create a new commercial paradigm. POC: Elizabeth Lucero 1932
8551-1 Digital Media Operations
2/3/2012 9:02:00 PM

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