WEC Design Optimization Toolbox (WecOptTool) Webinar - Feb. 2022

SAND Number: # SAND2022-1620 V Authors/Presenters: Ryan Coe, Giorgio Bacelli Content Owner: Ryan Coe Asset Content Description: The Wave Energy Converter Design Optimization Toolbox (WecOptTool) is an open-source software for conducting optimization studies of wave energy converters (WEC) and their control strategies. The software uses a co-design (WEC & controls) approach where for each WEC design considered in the optimization, the optimal control strategy for that design is found. This webinar will cover basic concepts for WecOptTool and introduce the new Python package. Subject Area/Keywords: Sandia Water Power Technologies, open-source software, Wave Energy Converter Design Optimization Toolbox, wave energy converters, WEC, optimization, Python, webinar POC: Kelly J Sullivan 08000 505-340-6735 Import