Xyce Software Training - Section 2 - Apr. 2012

SAND Number SAND 2013-7801P Presenter: Tom Russo Habanero Software Training - Xyce Software Xyce, Sandia's Parallel Electronic Simulator, has been under development since 2000. Xyce builds upon the standard capabilities of circuit simulators like SPICE and its derivatives, extending the reach of circuit simulation to problems of extreme size and allowing simulation of complex circuits in hostile environments. This class is designed as an introduction for new users and those considering use of Xyce. It introduces the development goals and unique capabilities of Xyce, describes how to obtain and run Xyce, and details the best practices for using Xyce's advanced capabilities. (Tom Russo POC: Peggy Aragon, 845-3009) 01445 844-8644) 898 Views Corridor On Demand