003.01 2012 Trilinos User Group Meeting: Multiple Presentations - Oct. 2012

SAND Number: 2012-9202P Presenter(s): G. Hansen, K. Devine, A. Williams, M. Ebeida, R. Oldfield, J. Hu, S. Rajamanickam & A. Salinger A Mortar Element Package (Moertel) & The Next Generation of Load Balancing Tools (Zoltan2) & The SIERRA Toolkit for Unstructured Problems (STK) & A New Mesh Generation Capability (MeshingGenie) & Integrating Analysis and Computation with Trios Services & The Next Generation of Multi-Level Preconditioners (MueLu) & A Direct Solver Framework for Full and Incomplete Solutions on Manycore Processors (ShyLU) & Rapid Application Development with Albany