Together We Rise: New Mexico Fire Relief - May 2022

SAND Number: SAND2022-6181 V Authors/Presenters: Rivera, Roberta; Preston, Judith; Bustamante, David; Padilla, Andres; Brito, Art; Lopez, Kevin Content Owner: Rivera, Roberta Asset Content Description: Together We Rise is a video serving as the launch of Sandia's philanthropic response to the wildfires in New Mexico. Subject Area/Keywords: Community Involvement; Fire; Fires; Wildfires; NM Wildfires; Cerro Pelado; Hermits Peak; Las Vegas; Pendaries; Giving Campaign; Donations; United Way; United Way of Central New Mexico; Fire Relief Fund; Climate Change; POC: Roberta J Rivera 03000 505/284-5211 Import Record Series: CO-102-205-100 Review Year: Permanent